This player comes from the south of France and more particulary from St. Raphael. Alexian Trottet who is still in the training center and who plays in the men's N2 championship and also with professionals gave us this interview:




Could you introduce yourself in a few words for people who don't know you?

"My name is Alexian Trottet, I am 20 years old and I am a left winger at SRVHB."


Since when are you in Saint Raphael? What did this club bring you?

"I have been at the club for two years now. Thanks to the club I have been able to know the high level, namely the LidlStarLigue but also the European Cup."


Being at the training center, you are also integrated into the professional group. What are your impressions ?

"Indeed, I have the chance to be able to evolve very often with the professional group.This allows me to progress and work with great international players like Daniel Sarmiento, Adrien Di Panda or Raphael Caucheteux and many others .. . "


Author of a magnificent goal during your first appearance in D1, how did it go?

"I had my first game against Saran last year, and with a lead, I was able to go into the first half and score my first goals, including the Chabala, I do not really know what happened: the guard came on it, it happened so fast in my head, then I made that gesture, he passed happily. "


What are your objectivs for the future?

"I extended last year with the SRVHB until 2021. So I hope to win a lot of titles with the club, why not the Final 4 EHF coming."


Do you have a word to finish this interview?

"I did not necessarily have an easy path so never to let anything go, to work hard to achieve those goals."


We thank you for taking your time to answer our questions and we wish you a good Final Four, hoping for a win and a good end to the season.