Last week, I met a nice player who plays for Tampa Bay Rowdies. He played against big clubs like FC Barcelona and he played for his country. Martin Vingaard accepted to answer our questions





Can you introduce yourself in a few words please (when, why and where did you start football or soccer?)

My name is Martin Vingaard and I started playing soccer in my home town when I was about 6 years old.
My daddy was a soccer player so it was easy for me to get interested in the game.
I’ve always love it.


You played in denmark team. What was it ?

Becoming a professional has always been a big dream for me and getting the chance to play for FC Copenhagen (biggest club in Denmark) for 4.5 years. That was an amazing experience. We won 4 championships and I also played Champions League against the biggest teams in Europe.


During the world cup, France played versus Denmark. What did you think about this game ?

Denmark-France at the World Cup was a tactical game cause both team was happy with a tie. Therefore the game was a little boring. But the most important thing for Denmark was to qualify for the next round.


You are with Tampa since 2 years. What do you think about this team ?

I love playing for the Rowdies.
Last year we did very well and made it al the way to the Play offs and actually to the semifinal. Unfortunately we lost that one.
This year we struggle but I’m confident that we haven’t seen the best from us yet and we will finish the season strong
It’s a good club and we have some very good players.
The setup is very professional.


Why did you choose this club and not an other ?

I had offers from clubs from al over the world, but bringing my family to Florida and try to play for the Rowdies was a very easy choice for me...
I’ve played in Denmark my whole career so it was about time to try something different.
And I love it here and so does my family.


What is your best memory ? And the worst ? In your career.

My best memory : Our 1-1 result against Barcelona in Copenhagen in Champions League in 2010 is one of my favorite memories. But also the away game at Camp Nou. I was there as a kid with my parents 20 yeas earlier so coming back and actually play there was huge for me. And of course my debut for my national team is also one of my favorites... playing for your country is something very special.
My worst memory : When I was selected in a 30 men big squad going to the World Cup in 2010 but didn’t make it through the final cut of 23 players.
That was a big disappointing cause I felt I deserved that spot.


What are your objectives this season ?

My objectives the season and always when you start a new season is to improve from the year before.
So it means make it to the final and try to win the championship.
I always aim for the best and therefore you need to improve every single day and every game to reach your goal. And our goal Is to win the championship


You played versus the Fury FC. What can you say about this game ?

Ottawa has improved from last time we met them at home were we won 5-0.
So it was a though game for us and of course a bad result.
Luckily there is a new game and we will try to win that one.


In order to finish this interview, do you want to add something ?

It was very nice meeting you and all the best in the future.




Thank you so much Martin, you are a nice person and a very good player it was a real pleasure to meet you after your last game. I wish you a lot of hapiness with your family and in your career.